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About UMS
Are You Looking...
for a community that is "spritual but not religious"
 one that has a healthy respect for
all the great belief systems?
Universal Mind Science
is a free thought non-denominational fellowship
 where there are no strangers.
Universal Mind Science was founded in 1968 by the late Damien Simpson.
We are the oldest Metaphysical Church in Long Beach.

Metaphysics teaches us to be open minded by combining religion and science
and gives us the insight to the question "Why do we exist"?

We gain knowledge and enlightenment through positive teachings derived from the philosophies of all the greatest spiritual teachers.
We are a non-denominational organization that follows the 
universal laws of life that stresses the freedom of personal responsibility.

We believe that life is eternal and this gives our lives meaning.

We practice tolerance and love to all of God's creation.

We find healing of body, mind and soul in these practices.

UMS has many fellowship functions where fun and long-lasting friendships
are celebrated.

Our doors are open to all who seek.
UMS Creed